Alvarez Tax Service LLC is an accounting organization based in California and also offers bookkeeping services in Fountain Valley CA. It’s one of the most prominent auditing providers in the region. Alvarez Tax Service LLC was founded in 2001 by Antonio Alvarez, EA, and Maria Alvarez. Alvarez Tax Service LLC offers various services to its clients. Some of these products include receipts recording, paying suppliers, billing for sales made to completed by clients and providing financial reports.

Bookkeeping Services For Your Company In Fountain Valley

bookkeeping-services-in-fountain-valley-caOur services are designed to help you handle your finances without sacrificing accuracy or quality. Accounting must be done with quite a lot of care, and we have a plan that can help any business manage their money in a much better way. Look at how the service is deployed when a new office needs help with ledgers and accounts that ar simply too time-consuming for an owner or office manager to handle.


 Quickbooks Training

Our staff has been trained on Quickbooks because we know that that is the easiest way to manage your money. The program is very easy for anyone to understand, and you can check it yourself during the course of a business day. We can give tutorials to our clients when needed, and we give a full explanation of how each part of the program works. We then work from there to give the client the help they need while sending reports through the software. You can check the program yourself, and it allows you to cut checks or make adjustments just as we would.

 Bookkeeping Setup

The financial setup of the office should be done by someone on our staff. We will show you why the accounts should be setup in a certain way, and we will take your input when creating a workflow that makes the most sense to you. You might wonder why we do things the way that we do, and we will show you how much more efficient your business can be when we are handling things the right way. You might also ask for special accommodations if your company works in an industry where payment arrangements and financial arrangements are common. We are happy to accommodate you, but we must know what it is you expect from us when the work begins.

 Bookkeeping Cleanup

We can clean up all the books that you have in the office because you might have held records for too long, never closed certain accounts, or might be owed money by certain clients. We are here to help you figure out what to do with all these old accounts, and we will show you what could be done to make the best possible use of all these old accounts. We can help you send old accounts to a collection agency, or we can try to collect on them ourselves.

 Experience And Reliable Service

We have been working with business owners for many years, and we can give you an estimate of how much work needs to be done on your accounts every week. We are here to help you find a way to manage your money that makes sense, and we are happy to create a plan that is specific to your business. You can get one of our trained staff members to watch over your account personally, or we might assign multiple people if your company is very large.

 Conclusion

We are here to serve you. Any business in Fountain Valley can reach out to us, and we know that we can set up something that will make your company much more profitable. We know that you have specific needs that must be met, and we will show you what your options are so that you can choose a service that is best for you. Schedule an appointment today so that you can meet someone from our team. We will walk you through the process of turning over this laborious task to us, and we will give you reports every day on the cash flow in your office and in your accounts.

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