Form Descriptions




W-2 Wages You will need one from each employer you worked for
W-2G Gambling winnings If you had gambling winnings for the year be sure to add up all winnings and losses. Losses can be deducted up to the extent of winnings if you itemized your deductions (Schedule A)
1099-A Abandonment of Secured Property You will need one for each real estate property that you abandoned or let go to foreclosure. You will not get one unless the lender actually recorded the foreclosure or abandonment
1099-B Proceeds from Broker This normally comes from a stock brokerage account or stock account if you sold any security (Stocks, bonds, etc)
1099-C Cancellation of debt income If you were forgiven any debt (credit cards, loans, etc) you may get a 1099 even if you file bankruptcy
1099-Div Dividend Income You will need one from each stock brokerage account or stock company where you earned dividend income
1099-G Unemployment income or State Tax refund prior year
1099-Int Interest income You will need one from each bank, credit union, etc where you earned more than $10 in interest income
1099-LTC Distributions from Long Term Care plans
1099-Misc Miscellaneous income You should get this form if you earned more than $600 as a commissioned sales person, independent contractor, executor, trustee, or any other service that was not performed as an employee
1099-Q Distributions from education accounts
1099-R Pension, annuity, retirement income You will need one from each trustee (company) where you earned a pension, had a withdrawal form an IRA / Annuity / 401K, etc
1099-RRB Railroad retirement income Generally there will be two forms attached together – one for tier I benefits and one for Tier II benefits
1099-SSA Social Security Income
1099-SA Distributions from HSA accounts
1098 Mortgage Interest paid You will need one from each mortgage company, bank, or other lender you paid
1098-E Student loan interest paid
1098-T Tuition Statement
K-1 Partnership, LLC, Sub-S, or estate income If you are a partner in a partnership or member of an LLC, or a shareholder in a Subchapter S corporation you will receive a K-1. These forms often come out well after the normal filing date of April 15th


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