There are so many different ways you can give back during the holiday and contribute to the betterment of the world. You don’t just have to make a cash donation to charity, especially if you’d rather donate items or your time to an organization instead.

Here are some ideas for giving back this season so that you can ensure everybody has an enjoyable holiday.

1. Volunteer at a local food bank
You can volunteer at a food bank in your neighborhood that’s local to your community or see if you have a Feeding America food bank near you.

2. Donate your canned goods
Do you have canned goods in your pantry that you aren’t going to use? Or do you have time to go to the store to pick up some canned goods? Look around for charities that are accepting canned goods so that nobody goes hungry this holiday season.

3. Run a race
There are races during the season you can partake in that allow you to raise money for charity. You may be able to dress up like an elf or Santa Claus to make the race even more fun.

4. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity
Shelter is an essential human right, but not everybody has it. You can volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and build houses for people in need.

5. Visit the elderly
As long as it’s COVID-safe, you can ask your local nursing homes if you can visit the elderly to bring them some holiday cheer. Perhaps you have a talent you can offer, like teaching the seniors how to sing or giving them salsa lessons to brighten their day.

6. Donate your airline miles
The Make-A-Wish Foundation grants wishes to sick children. However, the organization doesn’t have all the airline miles it needs to cover the expenses to send every child and his or her family on the trip of a lifetime. You can donate your airline miles so that they can travel to the destination of their choice and have a magical experience.

7. Volunteer at an animal shelter
Local animal shelters always need volunteers who are looking to walk dogs and clean the cages. You can also play with the dogs and cats there and make them feel less lonely throughout the season.

8. Give to a women’s shelter
There are women and children in shelters who are victims of domestic violence, and they may not have everything they need for the holidays. Inquire about donating your time or items to the women’s shelter so that these women and their families can have a great holiday as well.

9. Fundraise for your favorite charity
You can ask your loved ones for donations or run a fundraiser campaign on Facebook to give back to your favorite charity this year.

10. Provide meals to first responders
Throughout the pandemic and in general, first responders have sacrificed their time in order to help others. Ask your local hospital, fire station, and police station if you can provide food to these heroes during the holidays.


Helpful hints to keep in mind for your taxes
To write off donations on your taxes, make sure you give to nonprofits that are registered as tax exempt. You can find out an organization’s tax-exempt status through the IRS’ Tax Exempt Organization Search Tool.

The bottom line
This holiday season, there so many avenues for giving back. Choose the one that resonates the most with you, and then take advantage at tax time, if possible.



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